About Us

“It is incumbent on each of us, to start telling our story in such a way that we can grant magnificence back to our work and back to what we do, where we can really feel like we come alive again at the frontier of our own destiny” – David Whyte

As coaches we partner with clients in a thought provoking and process oriented manner that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. A genuine desire to work with people and help them explore their full potential drives everything we do .A brief introduction to who we are :

About Saroja Kannan

By way of credentials, I am a certified Executive Coach and alumni of the CFI network. I have coached several Senior Executives over the last few years, including CEOs, COOs and Founder Directors, in areas of Leadership, Performance and Team Building.

My clients come from diverse sectors including Financial Services, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Online Education and Business Process Outsourcing among others. As a Management and Communications professional, I come with over two decades of work experience. Having successfully headed business units in highly competitive environments helps me instinctively grasp key business issues across categories.

I have a track record of running profit centres and building powerful high growth brands and innovative go-to-market solutions across B2B and B2C clients, in my stints as Business Head of some of the country’s leading communication agencies, including JWT, Ogilvy and Digitas.

I have several international awards to my credit including the prestigious Cannes award for innovation. I also come with a strong entrepreneurial background having run my own enterprise for over 8 years and have also been part of start- ups. I am an IIM Calcutta alumnus and an Economics graduate from Delhi University. In the field of coaching, in addition to my certification from Coaching Foundation India (C.F.I), I have also trained in M.A.P.P psychometric and Appreciative Coaching.

My clients describe me as empathetic and unbiased with a unique ability to hold up a mirror to one’s self- limiting behaviors. They look at me as a way through which the can usher in positive changes that produce results for both the business and the individual. During the course of my coaching, I have forged deep and meaningful relationships fostering mutual learning and growth. 

About Kannan Santhanam

I am a seasoned professional with over 30 plus years of diverse experience in corporate finance, capital markets and information technology, the latter predominantly in investment services, data analytics, business analysis and change management.

I am a Mechanical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and post-graduate in management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

The lure of capital markets is strong and after stints in merchant banking and project financing, I found my calling in portfolio management and asset management, in the 90’s.

After 17 years in the financial services industry, I made a lateral transition to the IT industry, in 2000. Apart from successful service delivery management, I founded and nurtured new lines of business such as governance, risk and compliance management as well as data analytics.I conceptualized new products/ solutions to meet emerging market needs such as investment compliance, SOX and Basel II credit/ operational risk.

For the past few years, I have participated and led large and successful organizational change/ transformation programs in the area of Lean IT.

I have also been involved with professional competency development of business analysts.Additionally, I am a certified Money Coach (CMC) from Money Coaching Institute, USA.

I enjoy working with people and helping them discover, understand and improve their patterns of behaviour towards money.After 34 years in corporate life, I am on my own, practicing as a money coach and also a mentor to start ups with TCA, IIT Madras and IIT AIIC.