How to be more efficient with time

‘Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn’​ Why do some people seem to manage their time and get things done so much better than others? Have you ever thought about it and felt worst and guilty for not accomplishing the task at hand. It happens in day-to-day life when things don’t happen the way we imagine. Can we have a remedy… Read More »How to be more efficient with time

How to create a self-care routine

Let’s start with a question; What is self-care? In simple words, It can be any practice that helps you to become the version of yourself that you are striving for or meant to be. It’s getting to know yourself and cultivating powerful choice-making skills. It’s anything that makes you feel good to blossom in the direction you want to go. But, often self care is considered as selfishness and it’s… Read More »How to create a self-care routine

Success is when you refuse to become a victim of your circumstances: From my coaching Diaries

In my experience as a coach, i have come across executives who are sometimes victims of their seriously unfortunate childhood experiences and this ends up impacting their attitudes towards others at work and in their personal lives. Liberating oneself from the shackles of this, is very tough but, possible. This is one such case :  Sandhya’s (name changed) annual appraisal session with her boss had left her completely unsettled. She was perceived… Read More »Success is when you refuse to become a victim of your circumstances: From my coaching Diaries
managing money

Scarcity and a way forward: Managing Money the Lean Way

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. This proverb is apt for the scenario that I am just about to describe. Most, if not all have faced a shortage of money, at some point in our lives. In modern times, without adequate money, we feel deprived and lost. Deprived because we are unable to fulfill many of our needs and certainly all our wants. Lost because the task of managing money… Read More »Scarcity and a way forward: Managing Money the Lean Way

Leading Organizations Ten Truths

One of the pieces of research that I personally found fascinating was not changing organizations but changing individuals. Because organizations don’t change, people change. It’s when you get a critical mass of people who are willing to change their behaviors that you start to see those organizational transformations. So we asked ourselves, what makes individuals change their behaviors? Especially deeply rooted, deeply anchored behaviors. We found a fascinating piece of research… Read More »Leading Organizations Ten Truths

Developing Women leaders… A Coach’s perspective

As an executive and leadership coach, I have worked with a multitude of organizations’ senior leadership teams across verticals. The percentage of women among them would be less than 20%, a reflection of how few women make it as senior leaders in Corporate India. But this is slowly beginning to change. Organizations are beginning to wake up to the potential of women managers and what they bring to the table.… Read More »Developing Women leaders… A Coach’s perspective