Our Offerings

Executive Coaching

More and more companies are using executive coaching to develop and enhance the leadership skills of their people and retaining key executives. Companies are ensureing that their executives deliver the leadership the company requires.

It’s meant for high potential leaders in organizations who are looking to:

➤ Sharpen their leadership skills
➤ Prevent executive derailment
➤ Help address behaviours / issues that impede job effectiveness (interpersonal communication skills, influencing skills, management of peer and subordinate relationships, indecisiveness etc)
➤ Are stressed and lonely in their roles
➤ Navigate role and transition related challenges
➤ Facilitate the creation of an organisational culture that values learning and creativity.
➤ Are in need of continuous improvement


✓ Enhanced leadership competencies across the board
✓ Increased productivity
✓ Significant increase in Retention of Employees
✓ Improved working relationships
✓ Increased job satisfaction
✓ Increased organisational commitment

Life Coaching

Meant for individuals seeking direction. Typically, life coaching works for mature individuals who:

➤ Require a career and life game plan in order to enhance their careers/get a more meaningful life.
➤ Need an objective opinion on their strengths and capabilities and shine a mirror on their blind spots so they gain awareness of the problems in order to eliminate them.
➤ Juggle multiple roles and tasks and want to learn how to manage and grow themselves in the complex environment.
➤ Are stressed and lonely in their roles.
➤ Acknowledge that they cannot move forward as they cannot see the wood for the trees and need an independent sounding board
➤ Are not achieving the results they desire
➤ Are caught up in a competitive and stressful environment and are unable to maintain work-life balance
➤ Require assistance in implementing a strategic development plan


✓ Developing a high degree of self -awareness including one’s own self- limiting beliefs
✓ New ways of thinking and acting that can be applied to numerous roles and situations
✓ Learning new habits to ensure high-levels of performance after coaching.
✓ Strategic and tactical problem- solving tools and techniques

Business Coaching

Businesses require constant attention and direction. As they grow and scale, the strategies and processes that worked previously may not work now. Caught up with day to day challenges, it may be difficult to find the time and talent for the much-needed perspective and freshness of approach that your business could definitely benefit from. This is where Business coaching comes in: a highly effective tool for small and medium business owners that is tailored and customised to their situation and business needs.

Some of the typical issues business coaching helps address are:

➤ Issues of business growth and profitability.
➤ Building a performance oriented organisation.
➤ Creating and reviewing business and strategic plans.
➤ Broadening perspectives and external connect.
➤ Conducting effective reviews.


✓ An independent review of your business processes and leadership behaviours
✓ Identify gaps, craft new goals and the action plans necessary to achieve business success.
✓ Focus on the positives, celebrate the wins, reward yourself and the team for reaching targets and goals.

Money Coaching

Money Coach works with people and their unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviours around money through a step-by-step process and helps to create new levels of awareness from which positive change can occur.

The core process of the Money Coaching Lite program consists of:
➤ Identifying underlying “hard-wired” patterns.
➤ Determining “core issues” that stem from this patterning.
➤ Helping you gain new awareness and understanding of these patterns.
➤ Helping you gain insight regarding your unconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

The Money Coaching Lite program is offered to individuals as well as for Couples.


✓ You get rid of anxiety about money because you have discovered and understood your true patterns of behaviour towards money.
✓ You have an action plan that will help you to alter your patterns of behaviour towards money, from which positive change can occur.
✓ In turn, this helps you to have peace of mind.
✓ And also it will help you to improve your relationship with your near and dear ones.