“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”
-Bob Nelson

Client Speak...

“Dependable, committed,professional…I could go on and on. I came into contact with Saroja during a coaching assignment and what impressed me first was her composure, clarity of thought, ability to articulate complex situations and “talk straight” approach. She is very approachable, practical, easy to deal with and a coachee’s delight. She inspires confidence in others and commands respect.”

COO, Sundaram Asset Management

“Saroja’s energy is infectious and she has the unique ability to make people feel comfortable, even while working on a difficult assignment. Her bias for action and results are evident, from the moment you start speaking to her. But there are very few who adhere to due process as she does. Her professional approach to issues gets her a lot of admiration. She is a solutions person, whose reassuring manner earns her tremendous respect from clients and colleagues alike. Her eye for aesthetics and detail are refreshing.”

Innovation Coach, IdeasRs

“Saroja’s biggest strength is her ability to coach without being prescriptive. She allows the person being coached to reach deeper levels of self-awareness through probing questions and by seeking elaboration or explanation, even when she probably has already thought through an effective solution. This allows the person being coached to internalise the need for change and resolve to make a difference going forward. She is thus able to achieve demonstrable success in moving the needle with respect to the coaching needs.

That she has donned leadership roles for several years makes the coaching discussion easy because she has strong business acumen and an ability to comprehend different domains and associated issues. Senior people are tough to coach as they wonder why they need coaching. Saroja is ideally suited for such coaching assignments as she first drives buy in for the time invested in coaching and then focuses on outcomes.
She is balanced in her approach to the role and is never patronising. Last but not least important, she can keep a secret!”

C.E.O, Sundaram Business Services

“Thanks to Google’s Featured Agency program Saroja was a God-sent Leadership Coach for me. That we are continuing our engagement, even after Google’s program concludes, is testimony to her effectiveness. Having been at the helm of operations herself, steering the growth chart of the agencies she headed, Saroja has a keen understand of a business leader challenges.She has helped me to introspect and dislodge characteristics in me that could have never come to the fore otherwise, and continued as major stumbling blocks to growth. During her engagement with us we saw our sales grow by 100 % last year, and the trends continue to be very good this year too. Be it self-defeating beliefs, ways of communicating, holding on to power even as I believed I was a great delegator or making a breakthrough and converting difficult client relationships, Saroja’s coaching not only has had an impact on me, but also on the way key members of our organisation today operate. I would strongly recommend her to any entrepreneur who is serious about growth and improving their corporate culture, and most importantly wanting to enhance their effectiveness at every level.”

Founder - Managing Director at BC Web Wise

Money Coaching a Life Changer

When I first heard of this I was very intrigued. It was a new concept and I felt I already have Wealth
Manager, what more do I need? Once I embarked on this journey with Kannan it changed my life, I was anxious about so many
aspects of my life and did not realize it stemmed from my relationship with money.
It is a very deep yet simple process, and Kannan’s skills and empathy made it so meaningful and
fruitful.I would strongly recommend this for each person, it does not matter what life stage you are< how
much money you have. It will help you live better and with abundance and peace.
Thank you, Kannan

Managing Partner, My Persona.